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Tuesday (18:27)
'The Cave Leads' is available for download in iTunes here.

Thursday (11:08)
The track 'The Cave Leads' will be the first official digital release under RVPrecords. The release date will be within a few days. More information soon.

Saturday (10:17)
How long has it been since an update.. wow... I spent my time designing and update the iPhone/iPad applications. The website for, bought a new house and moved in. All new gear (new mixing desk, amps, plugins etc). I started recording the album for Nem-Q. And I started two new bands. So enough developments to keep myself busy all this time. After I set up my new home studio, got used to that and had the right vibe, I recorded another idea yesterday. I uploaded a snippit from the track I called 'Whilst' to the music section.