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Formed as a plan to exploit the overdose of ideas that got stuck somehow, RVP stands for any emotion you might have at a certain time of thoughts running through your head. The music is as moody as the creator and as layered as the thinker. Based on the turning point of just one world. This one world revolves around experimenting with sounds, compositions and possibilities...
Based in Roermond, RVProject is being given form by Twan B; Born, raised and educated in the south of the Netherlands.

History: I grew up in Limburg (NL) where I used to play with the local percussion groups and classical orchestras. I graduated highschool in 1997 and continued my studies in Eindhoven at the University. After having completed two trainingships (in Maastricht and Eindhoven), I graduated my Marketing Management studies in 2001. The past six years I spent being the drummer of the metal band called 'Dreadlock Pussy', with whom I had the unrealistical possibilities to record two demo-tapes and three studio-albums. We played throughout the most parts of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, at for instance festivals like Lowlands, Ozzfest and Pinkpop. The band gave me loads of information, experience and fun. Unfortunately I was no longer able to give this collective music-mindedness the time and effort it actually needed to coninue growing. So I made one of the most difficult choises yet so far. Before that time I had already started working on my own material. Fortunately a new pack of industrial-minded people crossed my path not long after my parting.

The first RVP-release was the song "The Cave Leads" on the DG-sampler 'Van Duytschen Bloet'. The album was released in 2003 as a limited edition. The featured RVP-track deals with with the paradox I came across, between trust and regret; Pass the power to leave, Save the flare to lead.

Iam, I will, I try, You want.
Waste time, be this, after this;
Don't expect, just regret, (let me) guide the fear.
Include, seclude, derive or learn.

Beside all this music in my life I like almost every form of entertainment available at times; f.i. watching movies (and especially buying DVD's), playing PSX/PS2-games (on a low level that is), chatting with interesting people and friends, eating (anything sweet and/or pink), reading (whenever I'm able to), recording musical ideas and giving live to some of shades in my mind and of course updating and editing this site (amongst others), correcting all the minor details, structuring etc. I try to think of things I'd like to see on here and spend too much time figuring stuff out to make it work, sometimes it works (nifty) sometimes it doesn't (mostly).

Faster, closer, bigger, smarter,
wiser, sharper and more intense than that.
What would now oppress, me looking down?
Outwards moving pressure.
I do it for myself, for once.

All programming by RVProject. All songs written, performed, recorded, mixed, produced and mastered by RVProject @ RVP-studio's. Except violins on Nutshell performed by Silvana Jirka and female vocals on Edges by Adrienne.