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This is the website of RVProject

Home Home // The main intro-page with the same design as the home-page. Moving the mouse over the different quarters of the image will make a quarter lighten up and show what page you'll enter by clicking. The possibilities are: bio, music, 406 and contact. Clicking one of the quarters will open the selected page, setting the main (square) image at the upper left side of the screen. This image will function in the same way as the home-image. This link-image indicates in what section of the website you currently are by enlighten the related quarter.Since every page on the site is provided with this link-image, there are no back-buttons on any of them.
All text and links (hyperlinks, active and visited) are coloured white, when moving your mouse over a link, the text will change in underlined text and the mouse-pointer will change to the default link-icon. All the links are provided with some extra text where they will guide you, visible in the taskbar at the bottom of your browser-window (when supported by your browser). Most of the images that serve as a hyperlink are provided with a task-bar text as well as an (mouse-over) alt-text, giving you more information on the link.
How RVP deals with the supplied information by visiting this website is stated in the privacy policy.

Biography // This section will give an indepth explanation on RVProject, what it stands for, with information as well as the credits. There are two pictures on this page (both taken by Jack Tillmann) which open in a new window when clicking either of them.

Music // This section gives the opportunity to download audio-files (*.MP3). Clicking either the text-link or the icon-link will open a dialog-box asking to open or save the file. Opening the file will make for the file to be saved to the temp-directory on your hard-disk. Underneath the link to the audio-file is stated how large the file is (in kB's or MB's) and of what type it is.
The tracks provided at this page are (as stated in italics at the bottom of the page) mostly snippits, unfinished tracks or demo-recordings.

News // The 406-section lists per date and time a personal news-entry of RVP, with the latest news on top. The link news 2003 (at the bottom of the page) will take you to the news-section of the year 2003, with again at the bottom of the page a link back to the news 2004-section. In this news-section are not only the personal occupations stated, but the updates to this website as well.

Contact // This section includes a form to send a message through the internet to RVP's mail-address. An e-mail address is not needed for this, even the mail-sending-program doesn't need to be running at the time. By leaving the checkbox at the bottom of the form checked, you allow RVP to keep you up-to-date on news by sending promotional e-mails.
By using the mail-form provided as such, IP- and host-information are sent along with the content of the e-mail.

For any further questions or comments, contact RVP directly at