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R-V-P // NEWS 2003

Tuesday December 9th (22:15)
"The Cave Leads" appeared on the DG-Sampler called 'Van Duytschen Bloet'.


a Challenge of Honour - the hope for truth
H.E.R.R. - Es regnet das Leben heraus
Lillith contour - setting the world ablaze
HERAS - Adrenaline
Spermblaster - Santhills
Laufeyiar Sonr - Sigyn
The peoples republic of europe - angst!
RVProject - The Cave Leads
Mutagenesis - The stone Forest
[subRoutine C12] - unnamed (demo version)
Dissident Copies - Icy Distant Tear
Silver Phoenix - Nights in White Satin
Fertile Reality - Bring out your Dead
Duisterkilte - Heidenzoon

Wednesday November 19th (23:15)
While everything is completed for the release of the 'Van Duytschen Bloet' compilation/sampler, I found some time to record some new ideas I had. I'll give the track the working title "2 Word Deception".

Sunday November 2nd (13:30)
I finished the song called 'Sodateru'. I've written it for my mother's birthday.

Saturday October 4th (23:00)
Since I lost almost everything of the presets of the songs I made before I had to make a clean install on my pc, I decided to regenerate the song 'Nutshell'. I want to redo everything (except for the violin-parts just yet), I think it might be worth it to give it another go, this time with decent mics and equipment.

Sunday September 28th (12:15)
I added 'Sept 20th' and '23-09' (working-titles) to the music-section.

Sunday September 21st (01:15)
I worked on a (again) somewhat different song, taken from a different perspective. Working-title: Sept 20th.

Monday September 8th (10:30)
Last night I made the most experimental track based on a poem by E.A. Poe "Romance". Drunk on the wine I dedicated it to a special girl.

Monday September 1st (18:00)
I edited 'Chaser' some more towards my likings and uploaded the edited file.

Saturday August 30th (19:50)
I'm not entirely happy with the recordings of the new song I called 'Chaser', but to give you an impression of what I'm working on, I added a snippit of the first recordings to the music-page.

Friday August 15th (20:15)
Since last week I've been working on something completely different; The song 'Magic'. I recorded the first part of the vocals this morning. I finished the lyrics and uploaded an mp3- snippit to the music-section.

Tuesday August 5th (20:15)
I finished the recordings of the new track and added the (current) complete version, that I converted into MP3 to the music-page.

Sunday August 3rd (0:30)
The idea of the most recent song 'Faster Smarter Wiser' has been in my head for quit some time. I'm eager to record the guitar-parts and vocals, but for now I'll leave it at what I have and start working on the track with a fresh new insight next time.

Monday July 28th (21:15)
I got a new domain for my website ( and more serverroom. So I added an MP3 from the new track to the music-section.

Saturday July 26th (14:45)
Hopefully I can hold on to all my audio-settings for a bit longer... I started working on a new track again, merely as an experiment of combining different soft-synths with the intension of testing them. I called the (yet) instrumental track: Direct Out. When I recorded and edited the guitars for the song, it instantly reminded me of the sound of the band 'Kong', and I think that was what I had in mind with the guitar-riff.

Wednesday July 16th (20:45)
Since last weekend I tried to finalise the new track, but I keep changing things and yet everytime I find something new bugging me. I added some vocals; I'll let them work in on me first, just to be very sure about everything, so that I'm 100% completely happy with it. I'm satisfied with the synth- and guitar-parts and the small adjustments I made to the intro. The lyrics are completed.

Sunday July 12th (12:30)
I got everything working again, so I started arranging the sampler-settings and all the presets again. It's still a shitload of work to get all the old audio-files in place where they should be, with all the right samples. I found 3 more synths (thanks to Native Instruments), so expect more experimenting.
I started working on a new song called 'The Cave Leads' it's a slow melancholic Numan-inspired track. Perhaps this due to the the past days I spent on my own. The song deals with the paradox I came across, between trust and regret. I uploaded a snippit of the base of the song to the 'music'-section.
And as you might have noticed I revamped the whole atmosphere of the website, a slight change of thoughts.

Saturday July 5th (14:15)
I was able to fix my computer by formatting one of my harddrives. But due to all this hassle with Logic and my soundcard I lost all the presets, plugins, sample-links and songs. I wanted to start over with re-recording all the songs I did so far. I'll be getting my new bass within a few weeks, by then I'll have Logic up and running, with all the presets and plugins.

Saturday June 28th (18:25)
The new soundcard arrived and I spent yesterday building it in, getting it to work and experimenting with it and the pre-amp. I got the necessary cables and started to remix a song I've been drooling over ever since I was a kid. I figured out the MIDI-settings in Logic, only now it won't start up anymore due to some settings I changed. I'll bound to figure it out and fix it.

Wednesday June 25th (21:25)
I took a weekend off from everything, a weekend with completely nothing on my mind. Last week I recorded the violins for the song 'Nutshell' and I found them emphasising the melancholly feel to the song. I made a snippit.

Tuesday June 3rd (20:15)
I finally ordered my new audio-interface, so I'm eager to re-record everything I already did on guitars and vocals. Maybe I'll drop all the ideas I had and work on some new things. I'm planning to use my old sampler and a new digital bass-amp. But first I'll get my soundcard and my second PC working.

Wednesday May 28th (21:45)
I started working on one of my new ideas, this time based on a guitar riff with a beat consisting of merely live drums. The lyrics I was planning to use for this track were written October 18th 2002, with a very selfish twist to them. I chose the title "Past tense", but actually that's the subtitle from the original name of the song. The same goes for Unstructure, which was originally titled 'Contence', but the subtitle worked better for me.

Tuesday May 27th (22:27)
I added 3 new songs I made recently (hence the date in the title of the songs). There's quite a list of songs and experiments I finished, some are (or have been) on the download-page, and some won't even make it online or maybe only the lyrics.
Furthermore I gave the entire site an thourough update and uploaded it to this domain. Unfortunately I don't have the server-room here to upload all the MP3-files. Most of the songs I wrote during the last month I didn't even finish, I keep it at experimenting with the ideas I have in my mind. All this due to some lack of time and of course awaiting my new equipment.
There are so much ideas in my head and so much things I want to try out. Until I got the most urgent ideas out of my system, I'll start working on the finalisation of the templates I made with all this. The only songs which I consider to be complete are 'Unstructure', 'Present`s change' and 'Intensify'. I'm reluctant to change any of these tracks, merely because they were the first experiments I did and they are special to me in a way. When you read the lyrics to them, you'll probably figure out why.

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