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R-V-P // NEWS 2005

Sunday December 18th (12:20)
I haven't been working a lot on recording new ideas. Agaian I'm struck by a system-crash. As soon as I've figured this problem out again, I'll be back on track. I'm compelling a system for recording audio and editing video only. That might help prevent future crashes.

Monday May 23rd (20:55)
Fight it, the can,
open it at sight, it can
Smite it, the will
walking along side, it will

Uploaded the snippit to the music-section.

Saturday April 2nd (16:08)
I recorded and uploaded a snippit of the start of a new track called "March". And I found a broken link of the song "Chaser", so I fixed that as well.

Sunday January 23rd (00:47)
A new year...
I haven't been recording much for RVP because I have been rather busy with my photography-project ( and the recording of ideas for my band SOTR (

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