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R-V-P // NEWS 2004

Monday December 27th (00:47)
I recorded the basic tracks for a new idea. Actually it's a cover I want to do. I recorded the basic chords and guide-track-vocals for the intro and first verse.

Saturday November 21th (01:10)
I haven't been recording much lately, because of the fact that I've been quite busy with my bands (SOTR & OneFix).
To get your RVP-fix I'll post some lyrics of older tracks;

I dye my eyes with the spikes
I drove into my head,
I twist them inside clay,
Into moulded anxiety,
Gifted blindness.
He is beautiful.

Tuesday September 28th (17:47)
I continued working on some new ideas I had, where the guitars play a bigger role in the song; I uploaded the essential first parts of the song "Moth".

Wednesday September 15th (21:11)
A new song popped in my head and thus I recorded and uploaded the first bits (working-title: Dream-lie).

Monday September 13th (11:20)
I noticed the mail-form didn't work correctly, so I corrected the errors.

Friday August 20th (08:15)
I gained more webspace, so I added some more songs (Unstructure, Intensify, Magic, Sept 20th, Sodateru and Present's Change).

Thursday August 12th (21:40)
I recorded the first guitar-tracks for the new song called 'Samsara'. I added a temporary snippit.

Saturday May 28th (22:50)
I uploaded "The Show" to the music-section.

Wednesday May 26th (07:30)
I've been fairly busy with my new band, thus I haven't recorded any new tracks for RVP yet. I'll master the latest track I recorded (The Show) and upload a snippit soon.

Sunday April 4th (19:50)
A riff got stuck in my head for a while, today I recorded it and added drums, bass and synths; working title: The Show.

Tuesday March 30th (21:30)
I uploaded a snippit from the song Edges to the music section. Note: It's only a preliminary version of the track.

Sunday March 21st (21:15)
Besides celebrating my birthday I worked this weekend on the latest track I wrote, I named it 'Edges' (perhaps just as working title). Together with AdriŽnne I worked on the vocals and I recorded both her and my tracks to set up a base for the vocal-line of the song.

Thursday March 18th (11:41)
Some minor details on the website were updated; I added a detailed version of a sitemap with the whole explanation and usage of the different pages. If you want to be kept up to date with news on RVP, leave your e-mail address at the contact-page.
Please update your bookmarks to this website; the previous URL will stay operational, but it will only redirect you here.

Wednesday March 17th (22:05)
I retrieved my mics and stands back from the studio, along with both my samplers, module, mixer and all the cables. I hope to be able to hook it all up soon; I'm glad as it is, that it all fit in my car.

Monday March 15th (18:33)
I upgraded and renewed the complete website and migrated it to a different and more reliable server. As soon as I get my equipment back from the Cel III studio, I'll start recording the guitar tracks for the new song. I will update the music-page as soon as the ftp-connection is fixed.

Thursday March 4th (0:25)
It's been a long time since I recorded anything or even worked on new ideas. Today I wrote down some ideas and recorded the synths and a basic beat for a new track.

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