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R-V-P // NEWS 2006

Monday November 6th (18:28)
I put Marthè's bass-stack into good use today; I recorded a new basic riff for a fairly metal-oriented track. let's see where this'll leed me.

Monday July 31st (22:10)
For the frst time in my new studio I recorded a guide for a new idea I had. Let me explain first that I moved into my new house where I have more possibilities to setup my humble studio. I got some new gear as well; A new synth and a bass-stack.

Friday July 7th (23:30)
The most unfortunate what can ever happen to a band happened; SOTR's bassplayer died. We decided to bury the band along with him. So the next few months I'll be concentrating on RVP instead of making music collectively.

Saturday May 27th (19:00)
When I was recording the base-tracks for a new song called 'Re-taste', I decided I would start getting everything together and concentrate on my debut-album.

Friday May 12th (15:50)
I recorded a cover-track from 'Fairground Attraction' with three colleagues. The track is solely intended for the company. Bart: guitars & backing vocals, Judith: sax & backing vocals, Kelly: lead vocals, Twan: guitars, bass, programming, producing and mixing.

I uploaded a snippit of a new track called 'Faultline' to the music-section. Faultline is my vision on the assessment of the impact of events that have happened to me lately.

Saturday April 29th (17:35)
Besides all the preparations for next week's recordings of 'Edges' (day by day I'm getting the mix of the guidetracks in order), I recorded the guitars and bass for another new track called 'On Command'. As soon as my new mic comes in I'll be recording the vocals. "He sees himself, he starves and is scared."

I added a preliminary snippit of the 'Fish'-track to the music-section.

Monday April 24th (20:00)
I started the pre-production (lay-out & recordings of the guide-tracks) of a new song, which I gave the working title 'Fish' (note: mostly those titles end up being the definite ones). I'll upload a snippit as soon as I'm content with the mix.

Tuesday April 18th (21:30)
To continue the system-upgrading, I got a new mixing-desk.
I started remixing the track 'Edges'. I'll be re-recording the vocals, guitars and bass in a few weeks. I'll even add some saxophone.

Saturday April 8th (17:00)
The problem with my previous audio/vido-system was the processor and the motherboard, both not functioning anymore. Therefore I had to get a new (upgraded) system. I'm now working on registering all my favourite software (Logic, Wavelab, VST-plugins, Photoshop etc).

Monday January 30th (23:30)
A new year and still suffering the same system-crash.

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