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R-V-P // NEWS 2009
Wednesday december 9 (19:12)
Following my first developed iPhone app (Dreadlock Pussy) the (free) RVProject app is released today and available in Apple's iTunes AppStore. Download link

Sunday february 8 (11:02)
It's funny how I always talk about rearranging and setting up my studio and now I want to do the same. But again a lot has changed. I'm aware that 2008 was a rather slow year for RVProject. I haven't recorded much ideas and didn't even publish any online. I hope 2009 will bring some change to that. I've setup my studio to be a lot more inviting for me to work there. I've installed all the latest software on my MacBook, setup all the plugins, gear, monitors and cables. Now I only have to wait for my new audio-module to arrive. So hopefully more updates soon!

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